Friday, November 8, 2013

2 Weeks Post Surgery #Thighs

It has been almost two weeks since my liposuction.
Recovery was horrible for the first week, I couldn't walk properly, feels like I had a truck ran over me over and over again for more than 10 times. Have been wearing the compression pants religiously, it's a 3/4 2XU pants and .. great, it is creating a permanent mark below my knees, the part whereby I did not have liposuction.

Been going back to the gym for the past 2 days and I can walk quite fast, pretty amazed by myself. Though the doctor advised to return to exercise only after a month, I feel pretty fine to exercise now, but just some light exercise.

Personally I feel that some days my legs look smaller and some days it looks bigger.
Is it just me?

Anyway post 2 weeks, inner thighs got loose skin :(

Already went for MLD massage, and signed a package and hopefully I will see my skin shrink and be toned soon.
Currently, I feel that my left leg is still semi-numb. Especially when i kneel down, I don't know if I have already kneel down or not due to the lost of sense there. Hopefully it comes back. By so far so good, it's only the 2nd week and I shouldn't be expecting much results. But I am still very happy cause I can hop already freely!

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