Monday, January 27, 2014

13 Week Post Surgery #Thighs

Happy 13 weeks to my legs!
It has been 3 months + 1 week, finally. Not yet the final result.
Overall, I'm happy with the results, duh. But I want it to be even smaller. Will go for it again probably in a year's time.
So here is how it looks right now, about 5 minutes ago

You judge yourself. I haven't been running lately because of work and just falling sick too frequently. Will be going back soon, I feel that my legs are flabby. Need to work hard.

My friends commented that my legs look more proportional. Glad to hear that :) 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Abdominal Liposuction #Week 1 - 2

Alright, So I went for my abdominal lipo about two weeks back.
I don't know why but it was much more painful this time compared to the legs. :(
It felt like.. I broke my backbone when I stood up after the surgery. Yes, it was that bad.

But, day 2 onwards, I was better. I remembered day 2 for my thighs lipo, I felt hell. This was better. 

Well, the pictures are below:

Despite the pain, I am quite please with the result so far.
And yes, there are dents and uneveness on the tummy, but I think it will dissolve as time goes. I'm giving it another 1.5 months to dissolve. It's really ugly, doesn't look as smooth as the post surgery Day 2 picture :(

But you can see, I have abit more curves!
And my tummy is flatter, but uneven now :(
Too early to judge though. However, my love handles are still there, Dr arthur say he will do it when I'm back there the next time for my upperbody, my fat arms. Basically, there's a small complication.
When he did my thighs, the incision was at my hip level, and when he did my abdominal, it was at my waist level. Thus there is this mid-section which is totally left out.
I really hate that area because it had been bothering me for YEARS, and the first thing i notice is 'AHHHH, why that part not gone!!!! T.T'
Pointed out to him and he notice it too. Thank god.

Will update my progress, hopefully my unevenness go away soon.
Please go Pleaseee!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Week Post Surgery #Thighs

It has been a while!
Anyway, from what I can see from my results, coming 3 months soon. Time seems to past much faster after the 2 months mark.
My legs got thicker, I don't know why, maybe because I run too much. Well, it has its slimmer and fatter days. But most importantly is that my friends see a difference in me. They told me it's overall weight loss, they didn't even suspect I had a thighs liposuction! I don't know if that's a good news or not.

Anyway, here's a picture of the thighs when I stand up. Like finally..
It's still thick though, because I had really really huge thighs to start with.
I should have taken lots of Before photo! DAMN!

Arg! I realise my calves are huge too, it's almost the same size as my knees now, it's full of muscles there. I wonder if muscles can be lipo-ed.

As we can see, the tummy is also quite huge.. and yes I am heading to Medan again for the tummy lipo! Say goodbye to tummy.
I'm gonna have a good time taking pictures of my tummy, love handles, waist, etc for the next few days. So I can see the difference.

Again, for my thighs, I do see a significant difference, that's why I am going back for tummy.
After 1 year, which is maybe end of this year, I will go back again for revise lipo for my thighs again, second round because there's still alot of room to make it smaller.
Meanwhile, I will continue to exercise as usual. Can't really live without exercising because I love food so so much!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 Weeks Post Surgery #Thighs

Post 6 weeks liposuction

Despite me saying that I will cut down on my running, well.. I did cut down on the frequency, only ran twice.
But I went for a marathon.
Legs were sore after the marathon, couldn’t feel much.
Some discomfort and pain came back but nothing too major.
But, my legs were smaller in my opinion.
Still wearing the compression tights religiously.
Discoloration near the groin is still visible L can’t wear anything too short.
Can see some muscles forming on the outer thigh but that’s my fault cause I have been exercising too much.
Other than this, I am pretty satisfied with the results so far. My arms are slightly smaller too due to all the exercise and diet.
Looking forward to three months anniversary.

Post 5 weeks liposuction

Hello everyone!
It’s 5 weeks now, and there’s abit of change.
My legs got BIGGER. Like huh why!!!!
I have been eating diligently, minimizing my junk intake and back to exercise for the last 2 weeks as well as massaging my legs every night.
I was so worried and email Dr Arthur.
He said the temporary size increase may be due to swelling because I ran! I run 3-4 times a week, 5-8km per run.
I remember he said something like as my thighs have gone through a trauma, the vessels are injured and blood is unable to flow back to my heart. I need more recovery time and he advise me to take it easy.
So, for those running enthusiast who did thighs lipo like myself, please take it easy after your surgery. I know you can’t wait to run, like myself.. but hold on! Or just start easy and slow. I think I started too fast.
Anyway it’s only the 5th week, and I hope it’s just swelling due to running, hopefully not something permanent.

Oh yes, another funny thing is, everytime after massage, somehow my thighs will look abit smaller immediately. I don’t know if it’s just my mind or it’s really smaller.
Having a love and hate relationship with running now!

Weight gain after liposuction?

Of coz, being a lipo patient, I will do as much research as possible prior and after the surgery.
I have been reading a lot of scary side effects of lipo, such as loose skin, discoloration, etc.. but the worst is WEIGHT GAIN. However, I also want to highlight that liposuction is not a tool for weight loss, it’s to contour body and of coz removing stubborn fats.
For myself, my legs will never slim down no matter what I do. I swear. Same for my love handles.
Many post lipo patients have experienced weight gain after their surgery(according to many reviews online), through the scale as well as appearance. However, the extra weight didn’t appear on the lipo-ed area, but was distributed to other areas which didn’t went through the process.
I read up quite a bit and was relieve.
This only happen because
1.       The patient did not workout after liposuction
2.       The patient did not control his/her diet (Liposuction is not a free pass to indulging food!)

Ideally, a post-lipo patient should exercise and eat healthy to maintain the result.
Fat cells have been destroyed at the lipo-ed area, so when we don’t pay attention to our diet, fat cells at other areas will grow bigger hence we look fatter at the specific areas.
So in order not to waste the thousands and not forgeting the pain we went through, please please pleaseeeee don’t fall into the ‘eat-all-you-can-trap’ after the surgery!

For my case, I am guilty too.
I went on a junk food diet after liposuction because I couldn’t exercise. I was so fed up.
And I notice a significant amount of meat growing on my upperbody, that’s my arms, upperback and waist. My arms got really thick, and the my fats was protruding when I wear my sports bra L It was alrdy growing before liposuction and it continued to grow after liposuction!  
So, about 2 weeks ago, when I was able to exercise again.. I went on a semi-strict diet.
So what is my semi-strict diet? I ate my breakfast as usual, it can be anything. I ate what my mom prepared, and it’s usually some kind of pastry like egg tart, or hotdog bread. Unhealthy I know, but what to do!
So I make it up by having a healthy lunch. Salmon Salad is my choice, no thousand island sauce or whatever, but I had my wafu dressing. Sometimes I have subway, with no sauce.. or sometimes I just skip my lunch.
I will go to the gym after work to run, at least 5km and do some light weights training.
As for dinner, if I have lunch, I will skip dinner and just have a juice.
If not I will cook myself kimchi soup. It’s just kimchi, tofu, egg and pieces of chicken. Slurp! I just had it last night.

I can tell you, after eliminating the junk food(I used to have prawn crackers, chips, seaweed after my dinner ALL THE TIME), I realize my arms are smaller.
No joke! It’s only 2 weeks! Probably due to the running and a better diet.

So people, please just control ur diet, eat sensibly and exercise!
It’s worth it, to maintain your shape and also for the sake of your health.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

4 Weeks Post Surgery #Thighs

Hello all, it's 1 month anniversary today! haha
Have been wearing my compression tight almost 24/7 unless I'm bathing or running.
I can run now, and surprisingly, I can run faster! I don't know if it's my legs or just my stamina getting better. 2.4km in 12 mins, isn't that amazing for a girl with post liposuction pain still tingling around?

Yes they are still considerably big now! I know!
But if you have seen the before photo, you will be amazed by the reduction in size!

So what am I doing now? How do I feel?
I'm trying to eat healthy, and have been doing a good job by cutting down on carbs and empty calories food. I read online that if we don't exercise after liposuction, we will gain weight (duh), and the fats will be redistributed to areas whereby we don't have lipo. For me, I hope it goes to my breasts, but that isn't the case unless I'm really lucky. Probably go to my tummy or arms, etc. I used to snack alot and have late dinner due to my work. I still have late dinner now but it's just tuna fish in water or salad.
I feel so much better as per compared to weeks ago. I can walk, I can run. I still feel pain if I press on my legs. My left knee cap is still numb, but I guess it will take a while for the sensation to come back. As long as it doesn't affect my daily activities, I am fine with it.

My incisions are still obvious, 12 in total. Some of them fade and some stays there stubbornly. I haven't been a good girl because I seldom apply the breaching cream, I just don't have the habit! But I have been massaging myself every night without fail, and going for lymphatic massage occasionally.


One big fat YES!
Though it's not model-like legs, but well, it looks so much smaller than before in my opinion. There's only one thing I dislike, the loose skin! :( I guess it will take months for the skin to gain elasticity and firm up again.
My tights are getting lose and I used to wear XL Nike tights, but now I can fit in M nike pro tights! And it doesn't feel too tight!
The good news for me is that, it's only 1 month, and apparently, that's about 60-70% of the result? The optimal result will kick in on the 3rd month with about 90% of the swelling gone, I still have 2 months to slowly see the change. And final permanent result is on the 6th month.
I'm looking forward for better results, but of coz, with proper diet and exercise.

I have also booked my next appointment with Dr Arthur in Jan 04 to suck out my tummy liposuction, and especially my love handles! I have them when I was slim last time :( I think they just love me, but I don't really like them. Time to kill them.

Big burn in my pocket, pain in my body, but it is all worth it.

Friday, November 8, 2013

2 Weeks Post Surgery #Thighs

It has been almost two weeks since my liposuction.
Recovery was horrible for the first week, I couldn't walk properly, feels like I had a truck ran over me over and over again for more than 10 times. Have been wearing the compression pants religiously, it's a 3/4 2XU pants and .. great, it is creating a permanent mark below my knees, the part whereby I did not have liposuction.

Been going back to the gym for the past 2 days and I can walk quite fast, pretty amazed by myself. Though the doctor advised to return to exercise only after a month, I feel pretty fine to exercise now, but just some light exercise.

Personally I feel that some days my legs look smaller and some days it looks bigger.
Is it just me?

Anyway post 2 weeks, inner thighs got loose skin :(

Already went for MLD massage, and signed a package and hopefully I will see my skin shrink and be toned soon.
Currently, I feel that my left leg is still semi-numb. Especially when i kneel down, I don't know if I have already kneel down or not due to the lost of sense there. Hopefully it comes back. By so far so good, it's only the 2nd week and I shouldn't be expecting much results. But I am still very happy cause I can hop already freely!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Liposuction review @ Medan with Dr Arthur (Thighs) 1st WEEK

So, just a few weeks before, I made one of my biggest life decision of my life. My biggest was to break up with my ex bf, and this is the second biggest. Ok jokes aside.

A bit on my background
I used to be really fat, like 75kg, standing at 165cm.
I tried all kinds of dieting, yoyo diet, crash diet, exercising, and diet pills. At one point of my life, my weight dropped to the lowest, about 57kg I guess. It's totally the opposite of my heaviest.
I went back to exercise after my weight peak at 68kg for not watching my diet properly.
I swear to god I exercise more than 75% of the females, but I am not seeing any weight loss and I know the reason, it's because I can't control my hands. I love to feed myself.

Researching on Dr Arthur
I vividly remember I was googling on how to lose weight effectively and I just type Liposuction. It gives me so many links, from Lipo in Singapore, to Korea. How will I spend money on air ticket to korea? Crazy. And Singapore? Another Crazy solution. So I remember, I typed 'Liposuction REVIEW'
This review word tends to increase the authenticity and it's not just official website of the clinic. There were a handful of reviews of different doctors, of coz I omitted all local surgeon(I don't want my organs kena punctured), and Thailand is a NONO, I scare I tio AIDS out of nothing because I heard they reuse the syringe. So Dr Arthur was in one of the reviews. I narrowed down and googled all about him as well as visiting his official website at  (ps: Dr Arthur, I can never get to spell this clinic's name correctly without googling your name. Neither can I pronounce it correctly.. haha)

Elixir Devie
A quiet driver name Suyono picked me up upon my arrival at the new airport. For safety purpose, please get Suyono to pick you up, he will be right at the arrival hall with your name, YOU WON'T MISS HIM, HE'S LIKE RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU.
The traffic is horrible, horns are like free. I think the best business in Indonesia is horns, they horn so many times a day, confirm spoil very fast.
Anyway, other than Dr Arthur, there are two helpers. I believe one is the nurse, another is the helper who helps on everything. She helps me to massage, helps me buy food, helps to mop floor and show me around. She directed me to my room and shortly, the nurse came to do the SOP(take my blood pressure, heartbeat, weight, FAT %(omg mine is horrible), etc), I was at the clinic at about 10.15-10.30am I guess as my flight reached at 9.30am. Had a consultation with Dr Arhur at about 12pm. It was a really long one, he is not like those damn serious doctor until you will feel very nervous.

The operation
I can only remember what happened in the first 30 mins. He marked my thighs( damn itchy, was giggling all the way), and put some iodine on my thighs, I think it's to clean my thighs. I am at the operating table/bed, and the Dr Arthur injected the LA into my legs, and it was the worst feeling ever. I'm so super afraid of needles. I remember my hands were moving around and nearly grab the doctor.
The first few sucking was hell for me, I feel like electric shock. But.. subsequently, I don't know what is happening. I'm like zone out, fell asleep or something. I watched the my video that the nurse video-ed it when I was 'awake or sleeping' , I have no idea. But surprisingly, in the video, I can bend my knees and lift my body up. BUT I SERIOUSLY have no recollection of myself doing that.
Allow the pictures to explain.

Before (Beware of thunder) DAY 1

After (Bandage) DAY 2

By right, you should get a post-lipo massage on the second day, However my itchy hands went to un-bandage myself on first night because my calve and foot was numb. Dr Arthur went in and check on me and was shock!!! And I just bleed like crazy. Warning: Don't un-bandage yourself.


Couldn't take it as the bandage makes my calve numb and I couldn't feel anything. So Dr Arthur approve me to wear my 2XU compression tights! It's $154, damn...
From this angle it looks damn slim and also cause it's in black. Slimming illusion.

Dr Arthur (if you are reading this), just a few suggestion to help poor and painful thighs lipo patients like me.
1. Please place the phone beside the bed table, the current place is too far to reach when we are on the bed especially when we really need help at night and it's out of reach.
2. Are you able to do a simple wiring to extend the lighting switch? no matter how, I still need to stand up to reach(blame it on my short arms)
3. Bedroom '2' and the door to the other rooms are very confusing, the couple I saw during my stay opened the wrong door three times. Imagine if there's someone inside naked and didn't lock his/her door, it will be so embarrassing. So I suggest if you could put some sign on the 'main door', it will benefit the first timers and the potential victim in room 2.. :)

Thanks for visiting me on the first night, didn't bleed to death =)