Tuesday, November 19, 2013

4 Weeks Post Surgery #Thighs

Hello all, it's 1 month anniversary today! haha
Have been wearing my compression tight almost 24/7 unless I'm bathing or running.
I can run now, and surprisingly, I can run faster! I don't know if it's my legs or just my stamina getting better. 2.4km in 12 mins, isn't that amazing for a girl with post liposuction pain still tingling around?

Yes they are still considerably big now! I know!
But if you have seen the before photo, you will be amazed by the reduction in size!

So what am I doing now? How do I feel?
I'm trying to eat healthy, and have been doing a good job by cutting down on carbs and empty calories food. I read online that if we don't exercise after liposuction, we will gain weight (duh), and the fats will be redistributed to areas whereby we don't have lipo. For me, I hope it goes to my breasts, but that isn't the case unless I'm really lucky. Probably go to my tummy or arms, etc. I used to snack alot and have late dinner due to my work. I still have late dinner now but it's just tuna fish in water or salad.
I feel so much better as per compared to weeks ago. I can walk, I can run. I still feel pain if I press on my legs. My left knee cap is still numb, but I guess it will take a while for the sensation to come back. As long as it doesn't affect my daily activities, I am fine with it.

My incisions are still obvious, 12 in total. Some of them fade and some stays there stubbornly. I haven't been a good girl because I seldom apply the breaching cream, I just don't have the habit! But I have been massaging myself every night without fail, and going for lymphatic massage occasionally.


One big fat YES!
Though it's not model-like legs, but well, it looks so much smaller than before in my opinion. There's only one thing I dislike, the loose skin! :( I guess it will take months for the skin to gain elasticity and firm up again.
My tights are getting lose and I used to wear XL Nike tights, but now I can fit in M nike pro tights! And it doesn't feel too tight!
The good news for me is that, it's only 1 month, and apparently, that's about 60-70% of the result? The optimal result will kick in on the 3rd month with about 90% of the swelling gone, I still have 2 months to slowly see the change. And final permanent result is on the 6th month.
I'm looking forward for better results, but of coz, with proper diet and exercise.

I have also booked my next appointment with Dr Arthur in Jan 04 to suck out my tummy liposuction, and especially my love handles! I have them when I was slim last time :( I think they just love me, but I don't really like them. Time to kill them.

Big burn in my pocket, pain in my body, but it is all worth it.


  1. Hi, just want to say that's awesome results!!!!! i'm gg back to medan for my 3rd round of lipo (thighs this time) once I have saved enough... LOL, can't wait...

    1. Thanks babe! hoping to see improvement!
      And quick go book the appt, i heard there's revision of price soon :)

    2. yosh! no worries, dr mention on his facebook that bloggers can enjoy the same old rate if we choose to return... i hope he remembers he mentioned about it!... LOL! can't book now too coz having abit problem with saving... LOL!

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