Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 Weeks Post Surgery #Thighs

Post 6 weeks liposuction

Despite me saying that I will cut down on my running, well.. I did cut down on the frequency, only ran twice.
But I went for a marathon.
Legs were sore after the marathon, couldn’t feel much.
Some discomfort and pain came back but nothing too major.
But, my legs were smaller in my opinion.
Still wearing the compression tights religiously.
Discoloration near the groin is still visible L can’t wear anything too short.
Can see some muscles forming on the outer thigh but that’s my fault cause I have been exercising too much.
Other than this, I am pretty satisfied with the results so far. My arms are slightly smaller too due to all the exercise and diet.
Looking forward to three months anniversary.

Post 5 weeks liposuction

Hello everyone!
It’s 5 weeks now, and there’s abit of change.
My legs got BIGGER. Like huh why!!!!
I have been eating diligently, minimizing my junk intake and back to exercise for the last 2 weeks as well as massaging my legs every night.
I was so worried and email Dr Arthur.
He said the temporary size increase may be due to swelling because I ran! I run 3-4 times a week, 5-8km per run.
I remember he said something like as my thighs have gone through a trauma, the vessels are injured and blood is unable to flow back to my heart. I need more recovery time and he advise me to take it easy.
So, for those running enthusiast who did thighs lipo like myself, please take it easy after your surgery. I know you can’t wait to run, like myself.. but hold on! Or just start easy and slow. I think I started too fast.
Anyway it’s only the 5th week, and I hope it’s just swelling due to running, hopefully not something permanent.

Oh yes, another funny thing is, everytime after massage, somehow my thighs will look abit smaller immediately. I don’t know if it’s just my mind or it’s really smaller.
Having a love and hate relationship with running now!

Weight gain after liposuction?

Of coz, being a lipo patient, I will do as much research as possible prior and after the surgery.
I have been reading a lot of scary side effects of lipo, such as loose skin, discoloration, etc.. but the worst is WEIGHT GAIN. However, I also want to highlight that liposuction is not a tool for weight loss, it’s to contour body and of coz removing stubborn fats.
For myself, my legs will never slim down no matter what I do. I swear. Same for my love handles.
Many post lipo patients have experienced weight gain after their surgery(according to many reviews online), through the scale as well as appearance. However, the extra weight didn’t appear on the lipo-ed area, but was distributed to other areas which didn’t went through the process.
I read up quite a bit and was relieve.
This only happen because
1.       The patient did not workout after liposuction
2.       The patient did not control his/her diet (Liposuction is not a free pass to indulging food!)

Ideally, a post-lipo patient should exercise and eat healthy to maintain the result.
Fat cells have been destroyed at the lipo-ed area, so when we don’t pay attention to our diet, fat cells at other areas will grow bigger hence we look fatter at the specific areas.
So in order not to waste the thousands and not forgeting the pain we went through, please please pleaseeeee don’t fall into the ‘eat-all-you-can-trap’ after the surgery!

For my case, I am guilty too.
I went on a junk food diet after liposuction because I couldn’t exercise. I was so fed up.
And I notice a significant amount of meat growing on my upperbody, that’s my arms, upperback and waist. My arms got really thick, and the my fats was protruding when I wear my sports bra L It was alrdy growing before liposuction and it continued to grow after liposuction!  
So, about 2 weeks ago, when I was able to exercise again.. I went on a semi-strict diet.
So what is my semi-strict diet? I ate my breakfast as usual, it can be anything. I ate what my mom prepared, and it’s usually some kind of pastry like egg tart, or hotdog bread. Unhealthy I know, but what to do!
So I make it up by having a healthy lunch. Salmon Salad is my choice, no thousand island sauce or whatever, but I had my wafu dressing. Sometimes I have subway, with no sauce.. or sometimes I just skip my lunch.
I will go to the gym after work to run, at least 5km and do some light weights training.
As for dinner, if I have lunch, I will skip dinner and just have a juice.
If not I will cook myself kimchi soup. It’s just kimchi, tofu, egg and pieces of chicken. Slurp! I just had it last night.

I can tell you, after eliminating the junk food(I used to have prawn crackers, chips, seaweed after my dinner ALL THE TIME), I realize my arms are smaller.
No joke! It’s only 2 weeks! Probably due to the running and a better diet.

So people, please just control ur diet, eat sensibly and exercise!
It’s worth it, to maintain your shape and also for the sake of your health.


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