Sunday, January 5, 2014

10 Week Post Surgery #Thighs

It has been a while!
Anyway, from what I can see from my results, coming 3 months soon. Time seems to past much faster after the 2 months mark.
My legs got thicker, I don't know why, maybe because I run too much. Well, it has its slimmer and fatter days. But most importantly is that my friends see a difference in me. They told me it's overall weight loss, they didn't even suspect I had a thighs liposuction! I don't know if that's a good news or not.

Anyway, here's a picture of the thighs when I stand up. Like finally..
It's still thick though, because I had really really huge thighs to start with.
I should have taken lots of Before photo! DAMN!

Arg! I realise my calves are huge too, it's almost the same size as my knees now, it's full of muscles there. I wonder if muscles can be lipo-ed.

As we can see, the tummy is also quite huge.. and yes I am heading to Medan again for the tummy lipo! Say goodbye to tummy.
I'm gonna have a good time taking pictures of my tummy, love handles, waist, etc for the next few days. So I can see the difference.

Again, for my thighs, I do see a significant difference, that's why I am going back for tummy.
After 1 year, which is maybe end of this year, I will go back again for revise lipo for my thighs again, second round because there's still alot of room to make it smaller.
Meanwhile, I will continue to exercise as usual. Can't really live without exercising because I love food so so much!


  1. My wife is considering thigh liposuction. She's a little nervous about her procedure and the affects after the surgery. Do you have any suggestions for her?

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