Friday, January 24, 2014

Abdominal Liposuction #Week 1 - 2

Alright, So I went for my abdominal lipo about two weeks back.
I don't know why but it was much more painful this time compared to the legs. :(
It felt like.. I broke my backbone when I stood up after the surgery. Yes, it was that bad.

But, day 2 onwards, I was better. I remembered day 2 for my thighs lipo, I felt hell. This was better. 

Well, the pictures are below:

Despite the pain, I am quite please with the result so far.
And yes, there are dents and uneveness on the tummy, but I think it will dissolve as time goes. I'm giving it another 1.5 months to dissolve. It's really ugly, doesn't look as smooth as the post surgery Day 2 picture :(

But you can see, I have abit more curves!
And my tummy is flatter, but uneven now :(
Too early to judge though. However, my love handles are still there, Dr arthur say he will do it when I'm back there the next time for my upperbody, my fat arms. Basically, there's a small complication.
When he did my thighs, the incision was at my hip level, and when he did my abdominal, it was at my waist level. Thus there is this mid-section which is totally left out.
I really hate that area because it had been bothering me for YEARS, and the first thing i notice is 'AHHHH, why that part not gone!!!! T.T'
Pointed out to him and he notice it too. Thank god.

Will update my progress, hopefully my unevenness go away soon.
Please go Pleaseee!


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